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Workshop "Legal framework and dilemmas when starting a business"

Today, a workshop was held in the Cantonal and University Library in Bihać for people who are thinking about starting their own business. It is part of the project, which is implemented by the Hungarian organization "Hungary Helps", in cooperation with the organization "Association for innovative...


Workshop: "From an idea to a sustainable business"

In the "American Corner" in Bihać, a workshop was held for future entrepreneurs, students, high school students and unemployed people who are thinking about starting their own business. It was the first of three planned workshops, organized by the organization "Association for Innovative Initiati...


Easier creation of QR price lists and menus with the new online platform

The new Bosnian-Herzegovinian online platform for QR-code pricelist generation (,, has greatly facilitated the creation and maintenance of price lists and menus for companies in the field of tourism and hospitality. Cafes, restaurants, ...


Open State Championship in precision landing sailing to 7 Cup Bihać 2022

The Bihac Aero Club organized at the Golubić Sports Airport, was held an Open State Following Sailboat for 7 Cup Bihać 2022. In addition to the host, about 15 competitors from BiH and the countries of the region.

Aero Club Bihać today has about 20 active members who have licenses for flyi...


International Fair "Ekobis 2022" from 8-11.9.2022.

19. The International Fair of Ecology - Ekobis 2022 will be held from April 8 to 11 in Bihać on the city island. As the exemption told Enes Ružnić, the President of the USC Chamber of Commerce, its content and accompanying events will be dedicated to H2 - fuel in the future.  We expect that ...


A manifestation of the "Days of Maize field" was held in Cazin

Today, the traditional event was held "Days of the corn field" in the Cazinsk settlement of Ostrožac. The manifestation is of great importance for the development of the agricultural sector in the production of corn as a basic farm culture.The organizer is an agricultural institute by Una...


Old town "Ostrožac" - the most visited tourist destination in Cazin

The complex of the old town of the sharpener with all its cultural and historical moments is the most significant monument in the Cazin area. That cultural and historical monuments can be placed in the function of tourism, they have proven the Czina Cultural Center when this complex placed this ...


The beginning of the school year: more than 16,500 primary school students in the USC

As in previous years in the school yards in Bihać, but also in other cities of the USC, a large crowd was recorded, and the happiest are the first champions that today have the first meeting with the school.Classes also began in the KJA area, and more than 16,500 primary school students returned...


The Law on the Introduction of the Different VAT rate in BiH until 31.12.2022 adopted

At today's, 32th Session of the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH, the Law on Amendments to the Add Value Law, ie the introduction of the Different VAT rate.

At the proposal of the Dušanka Majkić (SNSD), the VAT rate on the basic groceries will instead of a rat...


Reconstruction and extension of the sports hall "Luke"

After the storage of works and disputes, with a former contractor, public calls and new contractors were issued, ie the presentation of the remaining works, and some of them are currently underway.

It is electrical and mechanical installations and sub-employment works, and the final works...