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The Law on the Introduction of the Different VAT rate in BiH until 31.12.2022 adopted

At today's, 32th Session of the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH, the Law on Amendments to the Add Value Law, ie the introduction of the Different VAT rate.

At the proposal of the Dušanka Majkić (SNSD), the VAT rate on the basic groceries will instead of a rate of five percent, as previously proposed, be zero. We will remind the BiH Parliament Peoples before the proposal for the proposal for the VAT rate for existential supplies to be zero percent, ie for luxury needs 22.

The current unique tax rate on the added value was 17 percent. The new decision, at a reduced VAT rate from zero percent, to: medications, flour, bread, milk and dairy, oil, salt, sugar, baby food.
Also, at a higher VAT rate of 22 percent, trade and imports of goods and services will be taxed on: high-quality wines and cigarettes, perfumes, jewelers, classes, luxury vehicles, articles and other products that are classified in luxury needs.

This law will be in force by the end of the year, more precisely on December 31. The Commission of both the Homes of the Peoples, which has made a harmonized decision on the differentiated VAT rate, was Dušanka Majkić, Lidija Fazlić, Predrag Kožul, Mirko Šarović and Šemsudin Dedić. However, earlier than in the Indirect Taxation (UIO), the introduction of the differentiated VAT rate was not possible within eight days, which makes the law make the law.

From the ITA said earlier that the application of this law would be possible at the earliest within six months after its publication. Since, as adopted today at the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH, this Law only until the end of the year - it is difficult to say that they will be implemented at all.

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