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Reconstruction and extension of the sports hall "Luke"

After the storage of works and disputes, with a former contractor, public calls and new contractors were issued, ie the presentation of the remaining works, and some of them are currently underway.

It is electrical and mechanical installations and sub-employment works, and the final works on plumbing, internal locks and external environments, which will be prepared for technical reception and use.

Reconstructed and upgraded building of the sports hall "Luke", will have another new large saline for ball sports hall, while there are three smaller rooms for aerobic and martial sports, and fitness center. The existing and built new lockers were repaired, the tribunes were expanded for 400 seats, and instead of the old structure, a complete new facade made of thermopanella and new roof, and a new energy-efficient heating and cooling system. A new modern traffic light was procured, and the purchase of a complete new sports furniture is also underway.

When it comes to spears related to the former performer who are actually the main reason why the hall did not end and put into operation, the representative of the investor, the Mayor of Šuhret Fazlić, points out:

"The deadline for completing the work on the reconstruction of the port of Luka Contractor the Consortium" D-L "has expired on the summer last year. Although the deadline for performing works twice extended, the contractor did not finish the contracted works on time. When the works have been performed, the Commission for Primore Papers and the Supervisory Authority stated certain shortcomings, which is why the bank guarantee is activated and the deadline for eliminating the same. Furthermore, the contractor did some work that were not the subject of the contract and insisted the same to recognize additional, unforeseen works, on what the investor (town of Bihać) did not agree and what will probably be the subject of the judicial dispute " .

All in all, what is ultimately most important is that sports collectives and recreationists from the city of Bihac a new and equipped sports hall "Luke" can be able to reuse again


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