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Open State Championship in precision landing sailing to 7 Cup Bihać 2022

The Bihac Aero Club organized at the Golubić Sports Airport, was held an Open State Following Sailboat for 7 Cup Bihać 2022. In addition to the host, about 15 competitors from BiH and the countries of the region.

Aero Club Bihać today has about 20 active members who have licenses for flying sports planes and sailboats.It is a perspective club that a new staff schools every year.What is the importance of this event tells the fact that it is included in the calendar of sports events important for the town of Bihać.The support also provided representatives of the City and Cantonal Sports Association.The competition is held until late afternoon, and their challenges also presents the bad meteor for flying.We make the results of the competition in tomorrow's information emissions.


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