Una Aqua Center follows a clear vision in performing their activities. We want to provide a quality and safe vacation to all curiors and make a smile as much smiles during the trip, attract as many natural people's new contacts as possible, and those who love to be cheerful, smiling and spreading a positive vibe

Our database is located on Japod Islands, the most beautiful 5 units of the islands and every time we hear shouts and comments describing our location as a real little paradise, nature, and we keep and nurture in accordance with the nature and philosophy of responsible tourism. Passion towards nature and care for the environment is what everyone is tying us in our camp, and the beautiful green landscapes and queen Rijeka, Una, is what will delight you too.

We in the UNA Aqua Center look forward to each following trout as if first. We gathered various adventures specialized in their activities, so we have certified skippers of the participants in the world championships and cups, kayakas, hikers, divers, cyclists, fishermen and many others.

We started operating in 2008 with a strong desire to become a major center for active tourism in the region, to spread positive experiences and show how nature is cool, because many of us often forget it. We are glad to admit that we grab every year more towards our goal. In the favor of us the location that borders the UNA National Park, and the Japodi islands with 5 units of unstained union channels, which with a restaurant, a restaurant, a place for a campfire, the beach bar and the camping place make up a whole of almost 20 000 m2.


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