RC "Una Unique" is located on 10 km upstream from Bihac in one of the most attractive destinations in the Una Sana Canton.

Una Unique has two weekend rest homes, one log cabin-weekend house, and a single soyen and one lookout, arranged picnic space and recreation, camp and parking. Our center is located on the border of the National Park "UNA" and near one of the most beautiful waterfalls (Bukova) known as "Dvoslap".

That we also thought about the smallest details from the fact that the RC "Una Unique" is an output unit of the most attractive stage of the Štrbački buk - Lochovo that we have saved an hour to two of your precious time to the camp you are already after the adventure There, in the camp. As for food, we offer only homemade delicacies.

Accommodation for all who join us We offer us in three types of weekend houses from those for three people to Familitary (from 10 and above). As for the weekend house they are ranked by capacity and price range all depending on how many rooms you need ie. how many of you are there.

The weekend houses we have in the offer are:

Weekend house (log cabin) "Emina"
Weekend House "Ishak"
Weekend House in the form of a Soyhen 'Lohovo i "
Weekend House Lookout "Lohovo II"
Our recommendation is to get out of hot walls, to enjoy adventures we offer, to enjoy our natural resources and try our traditional Bosnian cuisine because we run with our dear spring "No Industry Only Nature.

We are a team of adventurers composed of former and current kayakas and raftingers on wild waters, some of which are the former participants in the Olympic Games and world rafting championships. Behind us is 12 years of rafting and other water activities. Our team consists of highly qualified (licensed) skippers that will turn your every idea into adventure.

Rafting stage Štrbački buk - Lohovo
If you decide to know this stage that the adventure you haven't experienced you yet. It is also the most common and best-selling stage that is driven in length of 14 kilometers and lasts 4 hours. (depending on the amount of water level and the requirements of our tourists). The most interesting tourist part of the River Una is a stage of the Štrbački buk - Lohovo which is driven through the NP "Una" all the time.

Rafting stage of Kostela - Salihovica
This stage is for those in a quieter spirit. We recommend rafting from the Costel to Salihovica in the length of 10 kilometers where the nature lovers will be convinced of why the River Uno calls "once, the only one."

Rafting Stage of Kostela - Bosanska Krupa
This part of the River Una is very interesting because you drive through a narrow canyon that will enchant you with its beauty and natural benefits and for those more freer spirit we have a handful of water entertainment from 25 kilometers. This stage lasts about 6 hours drive (depending on the requirements of our tourists).

Contact information:

RC "Una Unique"
Lohovo bb
77 000 Bihać
Bosnia and Herzegovina


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Contact information RC Una Unique

RC Una Unique

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