Pitara Friško Bihać Fast food Restaurants

Trg Slobode bb, 77000 Bihać, Bosna i Hercegovina
Pitara "Friško" offers all kinds of traditional Bosnian pies: Burek, Sirnica, Zeljanica, potatirusha, Buredzhiki.

12.00 BAM / 1kg.
Meat used for busters are halal.

11.00 BAM / 1kg
Food Ideal for vegitarians.

10.00 BAM / 1kg
Food Ideal for vegetarians.

10.00 BAM / 1kg
Food Ideal for vegans, without the use of animal processing.

14.00 BAM / 1kg
Meat used to make is Halal.

Yogurt - 1.00 Bam

Coca Cola - 2.00 Bam
Natural juice - 2.50 BAM
Water - 1.50 BAM
Coca Cola Zero - 2.00 Bam
Fanta Orandza - 2.00 Bam

Features of the facility

  • terrace

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Pitara Friško Bihać

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