"Diagnostics DR DEDIĆ" is an institution where you will be able to do various types of laboratory analyzes in the field of microbiology, biochemistry, hematology, allergology and molecular biology. In addition, for all doubts about microbiological testing and recommended therapy, you can consult a dr. MED.Specialist Medical Microbiology Kanit Dedić. DR DEDIĆ diagnostics provides more than a laboratory with a holistic approach to the patient.

Our vision
The Vision of the Laboratory Diagnostics DR DEDIĆ is to provide a fast, accurate and secure laboratory diagnostic with its customers using the most modern methods and technology. DR DEDIĆ diagnostics enables the process of microbiology to plan optimal testing and proposed targeted therapy, which represents a novelty in accessing microbiological diagnostics in our area. DR DEDIĆ diagnostics has the conditions for promoting interested students, students and graduates in the field of laboratory, microbiological and molecular diagnostics. Our vision is to invest in continuous education, knowledge, science and achieve cooperation with private and public educational institutions. Professional staff DR DEDIĆ permanent work on its education, through education in the state and abroad, can offer support and assistance to the public health sector in the prevention and health education of the population.

Monday- Saturday: 07-15h

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Dijagnostika dr. DEDIĆ

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