Bingo d.o.o. Tuzla has existed since 1993 and from then until today, he has achieved great success in his primary business - trade. In addition to trade, as part of our group, we have several other activities and industry (industry of household and household products, chips and other eggs, breeder chicken and soup, textile industry, furniture industry , Manufacture of paper removations, brewery, gravel production, and production and use of renewable energy sources). We have improved a lot and our business in catering, because in each of our larger centers, we have a restaurant with a pleasant ambience and with rich content.

Bingo is a socially responsible company in all business segments.EBRD recognized us as a socially responsible company and partners and in cooperation with them, we realized several projects, of which we would emphasize the energy efficiency project and renewable energy sources. The primary goal is to be at the top, both business and social responsibility. In addition to providing a top ambience when buying and the lowest prices to our customers, we want to meet customers with our higher goals and social responsibility. Our business is permeated and humanitarian work. In various ways, we help socially vulnerable categories of our society. So in 2014, we gained the title "Best friend of SOS Kinderorf BH", and in 2015, we continued. We also act and the direction of raising environmental awareness. We are proudly co-founder of a non-profit company for managing the packaging waste "Eco Life". We support and implement projects aimed at raising environmental awareness, preservation and improvement of living conditions in the local community.

We try to satisfy all the needs of our religious customers and keep the title of "king of good prices" .For success requires painstaking work, patience, investment in human resources, but above all the love of the work you do. The results are not visible immediately at the very beginning, it takes time for the effort to pay. Domestic product placements - and solution! We are constantly improving our business, we feel the needs of our customers and emphasizing the domestic in our stores to the economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina. That and we, desire to place domestic products we are working with the problems that have domestic companies. We dedicate special attention to the exposure of domestic products on our shelves, and so customers we draw attention to them. What we want to point out is that the domestic products are quality and that they can match foreign products, and that they need to be recognized as such.

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