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Golubićki put bb, 77000 Bihać, Bosna i Hercegovina
Aviation sailing in Bihać has a rich tradition. Due to the famous Bihać "elevator" or air waves who know the sailboat and over 8000 meters in Bihać, there were many sailors from Europe after World War II. By building and placing the former Military Airport "Željava", this terrain was a non-flying zone for both domestic and foreign sailors. The current administration and membership of the Aero Club has a desire to continue developing aeronautical sailing as part of the sports aviation and for which there are optimal conditions in this area.

Aero Club "Bihać" currently has the following sailboats in its fleet:

1. Cirrus STD 75 VTC, registration tags E7-4103;
2. Vuk - T, registration tags E7-4102;
3. KA - 7, registration tags E7-1117;
4. KA - 8, registration tags E7-1126;

The "Golubić" area is 2.2 km southeast of the town of Bihac. It has a grass of the shooting and trailing path measuring 1100 x 50 m. The trail is stabilized and trained to accept the aircraft Max of the maximum mass (MTOW) to 5700 kg. From the south side of the PSS there is a ruling path 30 m wide.

The altitude of the airfield is 226 m / 741 ft. The frequency at the airfield is 123,500 MHz, and the call sign "Golubić Info".

Announcement of flights on the airfield:
The announcement of flights to perform flying aircraft operations are performed by the Management of AK "Bihać", just before performing the SMS, and in accordance with the Procedure described "Golubić" for international traffic on the airport The summer months exists a temporary border crossing "Izačić - Golubić". The opening date of the border crossing and the procedure on arrival / departure with / on the area is published in Notam. There is no possibility of buying a gasoline AVGAS 100 LL at the airfield.

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